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Deborah Kennedy

Deborah Kennedy

Sales Associate

My home-town Sicklerville, NJ is convenient to everything.  The AC expressway can get me down the shore in 40 minutes or over to Philadelphia in 20 minutes.  We are close to family and friends. The market in my area has been strong.  My development seems to be going thru a revival. It was being built in 1988 thru 2000. Sales are strong, new families moving in.  Properties that have been empty for a long time are being rehabbed and pride of ownership is really starting to take hold.

Real Estate is a natural fit for me.  I love speaking to people, meeting new folks.  I love helping buyers.  I especially like the idea of walking thru a home and having a vision of design. That has always interested me. 

I am enlightened by many things. My family and dear friends for one.  I am inspired by the idea of change and what good things can come out of it.

Fun facts about me. Married almost 30 years. 3 children. 1 daughter and 2 sons.  2 grandsons.  I guess the #1 thing would be that I am a Research Nerd.  I started Ancestry research over 11 years ago after my Dad passed away.  I love researching documents from my ancestors.  Mostly from Poland, Ireland & Italy. Trying to read old documents in another language is challenging.  I love helping friends that want to find out about the heritage too.  The 2nd thing is my passion for being out at sea.  Me and my husband love to cruise.  It's the freedom you feel, the fresh air, the stars so bright at night. Different ports and cultures.  

What Clients are saying about Debbie:

"Deborah has been everything a home buyer can dream of!! She has the biggest heart around and truly cares about your wants, needs and desires during the process. Debbie is takes the time to listen and get to know everyone involved to make sure that it goes as smooth as possible!! I would truly and honestly recommend Debbie to anyone who will give me the time to listen. If you are buying or selling a home, call her and ONLY her. Don't waste your time elsewhere." - Sue, Camden, NJ

"Deborah is an incredible real estate agent!  I couldn't have asked for anyone better.  Deborah helped me to navigate from listing my home to selling my home (and everything in between) with ease.  If I had a question, she would find the answer.  Selling a home can be stressful, but Deborah always put my mind at ease.  I would use her again!  "  -Stacy, Sicklerville, NJ